Where coastline meets bottom line.

The 2,000+ square miles of Baldwin County encompasses a mix of thriving industry that enhances its unmatched quality of life.  However, what truly makes Baldwin County unique is the area’s people. With a growing population and labor force, Baldwin County is in a great position to prosper and grow for many years to come. Check out our Demographic Report, below, for detailed demographic numbers and facts:


Baldwin County Demographic Quick Facts 

  • 11th fastest growing MSA in the U.S., in 2017
  • 51% population growth, since 2000
  • Consistently ranked as the fastest growing county in Alabama 
  • Regional population of over 1,000,000
  • Projected to remain one of the fastest growing MSAs in the U.S., over the next few years
  • Largest projected population growth among all Alabama MSAs
  • Projected to become the 4th largest county in Alabama, by 2020
  • Since 2010, over 93% of Baldwin County’s population growth is a result of international and domestic migration