A Baldwin County education.

Education is important in Baldwin County. With over 30,000 students attending 45 public schools, Baldwin County students consistently perform above than national averages in standardized testing—thanks in part to the fact that more than half of our county’s teachers have earned at least their Master’s Degrees.

In addition to our excellent public schools, we also have several private and parochial schools, as well as two tech/career centers. For more detailed information, view our Education Report, below:

Baldwin County Education



Education Quick Facts: 

  • 88% of residents have high school diploma or higher

  • 1 in 10 Baldwin County residents holds a graduate degree
  • 72% increase in the number of Baldwin County residents with a bachelor’s degree or higher, since 2000
  • 7 universities and 9 community colleges within 50 miles

  • 25% increase in student enrollment in Baldwin County School System, since 2004