Baldwin County is answering the call.

Baldwin County is unique in that it is competitive in both blue collar and white collar-type industries, having the needed infrastructure and personnel to train workers in numerous fields. Baldwin County has multiple institutions offering workforce training and technical degrees and is located in a right to work state with a low percentage of unionized labor force. We welcome and encourage creative and technical industries to seek location in our prospering area. Whether your industry is focused on software, information technology, medical technology, or other creative industries such as film and music, Baldwin County has the necessary attributes to strongly support your success and growth. 

Company Spotlight

Computer Programs & Systems Inc. (CPSI) is headquartered in Mobile and relocated their fastest growing division, software services, to Baldwin County, in 2012. The company partners with hospitals and rural health organizations and offers software and web-based solutions for record keeping and reporting. From patient treatment software to hospital operations software, CPSI is creating a strong presence in the healthcare industry, and Baldwin County is happy to aid in fostering their growth.