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Most people know Baldwin County as a premier vacation destination, but the lucky ones know that it is an even better place to live and work. Whether you are seeking a new location for your business, expanding an existing business, or starting a new business, Baldwin County offers a number of unique advantages to guarantee growth and profitability. The forward-thinking approach of our leadership and partners has been a driving force for Baldwin County’s success story, and we would love for your company to share in the continued success that is to come.
Explore our advantages and learn why so many come to visit our county and choose to stay.

Quick Facts


residents in the region

Population of over


Regional labor force
of over


Population Growth, since 2000

Home to 4 of Alabama’s TOP 10 FASTEST GROWING CITIES

Source: U.S. Census Bureau

From 2010 to 2020, Baldwin County had a net 45,301 international and domestic residents migrate into the county

Source: PARCA

Alabama’s leader for ECONOMIC COMPLEXITY

Source: Brookings

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