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Alabama’s leader for Workforce Talent Attraction

Source: Emsi

Developing a strong and sustainable workforce pipeline for your business is our top priority in Baldwin County and the State of Alabama. Home to AIDT, one of the premier statewide workforce training programs, Alabama has set the standard for workforce training, and, in Baldwin County, we are preparing our current and future workforce for your success.

With over 32,000 students attending Baldwin County public schools, our local workforce pipeline continues to grow to meet industry needs. In response to the growth of business and industry in our region, the Baldwin County Public School System has broken ground on Baldwin Preparatory Academy, a specialized Career Tech High School, which will provide advanced technical training in a full-time high school setting for any student in Baldwin County. The Baldwin-Mobile region already leads the State of Alabama in the number of students receiving career tech credentials, and the new Career Tech High School will further cement technical training as a career path for our local students.

Baldwin County is also home to Coastal Alabama Community College, one of the state’s largest and most complex two-year colleges. Coastal Alabama will be one of your strongest partners for local workforce development and pipeline growth, providing customized workforce training solutions for business and industry.

Adding in Baldwin County’s regional 4-year university partners and specialized training facilities throughout the county, our community is prepared to meet your workforce and training needs with innovative solutions.

Baldwin County Public Schools

Coastal Alabama Community College

University of South Alabama

Baldwin Preparatory Academy

Alabama Industrial Development Training